lørdag den 17. juli 2010

Learning and researching

It occurred to me that I hadn't been very specific when defining the perspective of this blog. My mum was so kind as to point out that my last post had slight religious tone to it and I think it would be strange if it didn't, considering the subject. But she is right, as mums often are. I am a very spiritual woman, but I want to really underline the fact that I have a scientific approach to all aspects of my life. When I indulge in something that really interests me I start a very systematic examination of the subject, reading everything available even the books that only brush over the surface of the matter, the fanatic deeply unprofessional stuff, and the curious investigative materials.
This brings me to the title of this post: Learning and researching.
First came the foundation. Then came the stories and I found spirituality in the unearthly world of fairy tales. When I turned 13 I confirmed, as is the custom, that I was a Christian in front of a priest and my family but I didn't give much thought to the divine being that I pledged myself to. It was just how our family used to do things. Then came a period of my life where I was very lonely. I took comfort in books and stories, and I almost lived inside a universe which I had created to shield myself from everybody else. My sanctuary was the deep devotion to my studies, and I loved to read and write and examine.

I came to read about witches - not the fantasy related ones, but those mentioned in the history books. It seemed to me that there were a great many similarities that these women and I had in common. Many of them had been lonely outcasts, who still devoted their time to help others through their knowledge of nature's medicine. I have several books on my shelf containing some of that old wisdom, weeds that cure fever, depression, impotence and as for their connection with something older than this Christian God - I felt it too. I was more and more convinced that I did not believe in a god like the one I could read about in the Bible. And what also attracted me was the freedom - the divine is not something that is already defined for you. You have to search your feelings for what you find is moving and spiritual.
So I started researching withes, all the information I could find. Whenever I bump into anything today I read it as well. Just 2 week ago there was an article in a Danish newspaper about a girl who was a witch and I loved how it explained her believes. (http://politiken.dk/kultur/article1000264.ece) (Danish)

My point is that I become a witch through learning and critically studying all texts on the subject, and that is also what makes me so much more certain that this is right for me.