mandag den 7. september 2009

To begin with..

This blog is meant to be about all aspects of spirituality and how I combine this with my everyday life. I want to share my thoughts on religion, reincarnation, divine creatures and how different people can view the world.

I love beginnings and all the anticipation and hopfulness. I really look forward to all the wonderful topics and I hope that people will participate actively in the debate.

I am very interested in all paranormal things and will probably go and explore some magical ways. My motivation for the blog was that it never really was dificult for me to find a blog or a webpage where all sorts of people had a lot of wise answers about the wonders of the world. But they rarely speak of their own experiences. They talk of the target but not much about the road which has lead them there.

I have always been very philosophical and wondered about nature and the divine. I have read a lot the last couple of years, and prepared myself for the road: and now I think I am ready to start walking. So this is my search for some truth.