mandag den 12. oktober 2009

The foundation

So how does it all begin.. how is it that one day you put thoughts into words and believe and suddenly you welcome the realization of what you are?
I call myself a witch and I am still not certain that is what I am although every day the term feels more familiar. How I came to define myself as such is something I will elaborate on in this blog, but it begins, of course, with the foundation.

I have always been fond of nature. Maybe I was never the first to get on my knees in the mud, but the sensation and the design of nature has always drawn me in. There resides such a peace in the sky and the trees. A what comes around goes around acceptance that though the leaves will fall new sprouts will take their place when springtime returns. It's the energetic touch of the sun on your skin and the colours when you dive in the ocean with eyes open. In short, I am a highly attentive person and I use my feelings to observe the world.

The more I feel nature, even if it's just the smell of forests, I feel at peace. It is as if a truth washes over me: that I am connected to world, I am one with all things and they are a part of me. In the light of this realisation you start respecting the beings around you and you love them as you love yourself.

So that was my foundation; a childish open heart.

When I was a child and felt these forces of nature I didn't know about religion. I was baptised a Christian, but I didn't know what God was or even cared. As a kid it is as simple as what you feel. It's not about holy books or even words, but it's a matter of feeling happy or sad. And I was happy when I felt loved and when I gave love, like when I was with my family or friends or when I was alone loving to draw with beautiful colours or tumbling around the garden.
My dad wanted to teach me how to swim, and he reintroduced the element of water to me. To this very day I feel very alive when I am in the water as if I was at home. That isn't so strange considering I had recently spend 9 month in a warm lake inside my mother but I have a relation with water and today I believe that in my past lives I have lived in or by it.
These little recognitions are important. To me they are glimps of my own essence and everyone should aim to know themselves as well as possible. You are stronger and more capable when you know yourself.
And that is my foundation: An open heart, a desire to know myself and the everlasting love and curriosity for life.
What comes next is the exploration of these feelings, and of those who share them. It is a long way from the sensation of magick, to being a witch.

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  1. These are powerful thoughts. To know oneself is a great lifetime journey of possibilities that are limitless to me.

    I like your blog. I stumbled across your blog and I am glad that I did.

    Best regards
    Tom Bailey

  2. Thank you very much. This is all new, but I hope that somewhere along the road it will be one of those blogs that leaves a lasting impression with people.